Restrictions with regard to Certain Financial Measures

Restrictions with regard to Certain Financial Measures


53.- 1. A bill other than a money bill may be introduce in either House of Parliament; a money bill shall not be introduced in the Senate.

2. Except on the proposal of a Minister authorized so to do by the Cabinet, neither House shall-

a. proceed upon any bill (including any amendment to a bill) that, in the opinion of the person presiding, makes provision for any of the following purposes:-

i. for the imposition of taxation or the alteration of taxation otherwise than by reduction;

ii. for the imposition of any charge upon the Consolidated Fund or any other public fund of Antigua and Barbuda or the alteration of any such charge otherwise than by reduction:

iii. for the payment, issue or withdrawal from the Consolidated Fund or any other public fund of Antigua and Barbuda of any monies not charged thereon or any increase in the amount of such payment, issue or withdrawal; or

iv. for the composition or remission of any debt due to the Crown; or

b. proceed upon any motion (including any amendment to a motion) the effect of which, in the opinion of the person presiding, would be to make provision for any of those purposes.

Constitution of Antigua

1. The State and its Territory
2. Constitution is Supreme Law
3. Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of the Individual
4. Protection of Right to Life
5. Protection of Right to Personal Liberty
6. Protection from Slavery and Forced Labour
7. Protection from Inhuman Treatment
8. Protection of Freedom of Movement
9. Protection from Deprivation of Property
10. Protection of Person Or Property from Arbitrary Search Or Entry
11. Protection of Freedom of Conscience
12. Protection of Freedom of Expression Including Freedom of the Press
13. Protection of Freedom of Assembly And Association
14. Protection from Discrimination On the Grounds of Race, Sex Etc.
15. Provision to Secure Protection of the Law
16. Derogations from Fundamental Rights And Freedoms Under Emergency Powers
17. Protection of Persons Detained-under Emergency Laws
18. Enforcement of Protective Provisions
19. Protection from Derogations from Fundamental Rights and Freedoms Generally
20. Declaration of Public Emergency
21. Interpretation and Savings
22. Establishment Of Office
23. Acting Governor-general
24. Oaths
25. Deputy to Governor-General
26. Public Seal
27. Establishment of Parliament
28. Composition of the Senate
29. Qualifications for Appointment as Senators
30. Disqualifications from Appointment as Senators
31. Tenure of Office of Senators
32. Appointment of Temporary Senators
33. President and Vice-president
34. Attendance of Attorney-general at Proceedings of Senate
35. Attendance at Proceedings of Senate of Ministers who are Members of the House
36. Composition of the House
37. Attendance at Proceedings of the House of Ministers who are Senators
38. Qualifications for Election as a Member of the House
39. Disqualifications from Election as a Member of the House
40. Election of Members of the House
41. Tenure of Seats of Members of the House
42. Speaker and Deputy Speaker
43. Clerks to Houses of Parliament and their Staffs
44. Determination of Questions of Membership
45. Unqualified Persons Sitting or Voting
46. Power to Make Laws
47. Alternation of this Constitution and Supreme Court Order
48. Oath of Allegiance by Members of Parliament
49. Presiding in Senate and House
50. Quorum
51. Voting
52. Mode of Exercising Legislative Power
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