Vacancy to be notified

Vacancy to be notified

Vacancy to be notified

Vacancy to be notified

- Constitution of Australia

Vacancy to be notified

21. Whenever a vacancy happens in the Senate, the President, or if there is no President or if the President is absent from the Commonwealth the Governor-General, shall notify the same to the Governor of the State in the representation of which the vacancy has happened.

Constitution of Australia

Bill Of Rights
Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act

Chapter I - The Parliament

Part I - General
Part II - The Senate
Part III - The House of Representatives
Part IV - Both Houses of the Parliament
Part V - Powers of the Parliament

Chapter II - The Executive Government

The Executive Government

Chapter III - The Judicature

The Judicature

Chapter IV - Finance And Trade

Finance And Trade

Chapter V - The States

The States

Chapter VI - New States

New States

Chapter VII - Miscellaneous


Chapter VIII - Alteration Of The Constitution

Alteration Of The Constitution


Constitution Australia Vacancy Notified 2022
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