The National Congress

The National Congress

The constitution and laws of Cambodia

Chapter XII

The National Congress

Article 128-
  • The National Congress shall enable the people to be directly informed on various matters of national interests and to raise issues and requests for the State authority to solve.
  • Khmer citizens of both sexes shall have the right to participate in the National Congress.
Article 129-
  • The National Congress shall meet once a year in early December at the convocation of the Prime Minister.
  • It shall proceed under the chairmanship of the King.
Article 130-
  • The National Congress shall adopt recommendations for consideration by State authorities and the Assembly.
  • The organization and operation of the National Congress shall be defined by a law.

Constitution of Cambodia

Chapter I: Sovereignty
Chapter II: The King
Chapter III: The Rights and Obligations Of Khmer Citizens
Chapter IV: On Policy
Chapter V: Economy
Chapter VI: Education, Culture, Social Affairs
Chapter VII: The Assembly
Chapter VIII: The Royal Government
Chapter X: The Constitutional Council
Chapter XI: The Administration
Chapter XII: The National Congress
Chapter XIII: Effects, revision and amendments of the constitution
Chapter XIV: Transitional Provision
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