The constitution and laws of Cambodia


We, the people of Cambodia

Accustomed to having been an outstanding civilization, a prosperous, large, flourishing and glorious nation, with high prestige radiating line a diamond

Having declined grievously during the past two decades, having gone through suffering and destruction, and having been weakened terribly,

Having awakened and resolutely rallied and determined to unite for the consolidation of national unity, the preservation and defense of Cambodia's territory and precious sovereignty and the fine Angkor civilization, and the restoration of Cambodia into an " Island of Peace" based on multi-party liberal democratic responsibility for the nation's future destiny of moving toward perpetual progress, development, prosperity, and glory,


We inscribe the following as the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia:

Constitution of Cambodia

Chapter I: Sovereignty
Chapter II: The King
Chapter III: The Rights and Obligations Of Khmer Citizens
Chapter IV: On Policy
Chapter V: Economy
Chapter VI: Education, Culture, Social Affairs
Chapter VII: The Assembly
Chapter VIII: The Royal Government
Chapter X: The Constitutional Council
Chapter XI: The Administration
Chapter XII: The National Congress
Chapter XIII: Effects, revision and amendments of the constitution
Chapter XIV: Transitional Provision
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