Constitutional Conference

Constitutional Conference

- Constitution Act of Canada 1867
Constitutional Conference
- The Constitution Act of Canada 1867. Canadian Laws and Constitutions.

Constitutional Conference



37.- Section 54 provide for the repeal of Part IV one year after part VII came into force. Part VII came into force on April 17, 1982 thereby repealing Oart IV on April 17, 1983.



37.1.- Which was added by the Constitution Amendment Proclamation, 1983 (see SI/84-102), was repealed on April 18, 1987 by section 54.1.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Guarantee of Rightsand Freedoms
Fundamental Freedoms
Democratic Rights
Democratic Rights
Mobility Rights
Legal Rights
Equality Rights
Official Languages of Canada
Minority Language Educational Rights
Aboriginal Rights and Freedoms not Affected by Charter
Application of Charter
Rights of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada
Equalization and Regional Disparities
Constitutional Conference
Procedure for Amending Constitution of Canada
Amendment to the Constitution Act 1867
Primacy of Constitution of Canada
Schedule to the Constitution Act 1982
Constitutional Conference 2022

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