Ontario and Quebec

Ontario and Quebec

Ontario and Quebec

Ontario and Quebec

- Constitution of Canada
Ontario and Quebec
- Constitution Acts of Canada 1867 to 1982. Canadian Laws.

Ontario and Quebec


81.- Repealed.


82.- The Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and of Quebec shall from Time to Time, in the Queen's Name, by Instrument under the Great Seal of the Province, summon and call together the Legislative Assembly of the Province.


83.- Until the Legislature of Ontario or of Quebec otherwise provides, a Person accepting or holding in Ontario or in Quebec any Office, Commission, or Employment, permanent or temporary, at the Nomination of the Lieutenant Governor, to which an annual Salary, or any Fee, Allowance, Emolument, or Profit of any Kind or Amount whatever from the Province is attached, shall not be eligible as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of the respective Province, not shall he sit or vote as such; but nothing in this Section shall make ineligible any Person being a Member of the Executive Council of the respective Province, or holding any of the following Offices, that is to say, the Offices of Attorney General, Secretary and Registrar of the Province, Treasurer of the Province, Commissioner of Crown Lands, and Commissioner of Agriculture and Public Works, and in Quebec Solicitor General, or shall disqualify him to sit or vote in the House for which he is elected, provided he is elected while holding such Office.


84.- Until the legislatures of Ontario and Quebec respectively otherwise provide, all Laws which at the Union are in force in those Provinces respectively, relative to the following Matters, or any of them, namely, -the Qualifications and Disqualifications of Persons to be elected or to sit or vote as Members of the Assembly of Canada, the Qualifications or Disqualifications of Voters, the Oaths to be taken by Voters, the Returning Officers, their Powers and Duties, the Proceedings at Elections, the Periods during which such Elections may be continued, and the Trial of controverted Elections and the Proceedings incident thereto, the vacating of the Seats of Members and the issuing and execution of new Writs in case of Seats vacated otherwise than by Dissolution, - shall respectively apply to Elections of Members to serve in the respective Legislative Assemblies of Ontario and Quebec.

Provided that, until the Legislature of Ontario otherwise provides, at any Election for a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario for the District of Algoma, in addition to Persons qualified by the law of the Province of Canada to vote, every Male British Subject, aged Twenty-one Years or upwards, being a Householder, shall have a Vote.


85.- Every Legislative Assembly of Ontario and every Legislative Assembly of Quebec shall continue for Four Years from the Day of the Return of the Writs for choosing the same (subject nevertheless to wither the Legislative Assembly of Ontario or the Legislative Assembly of Quebec being sooner dissolved by the Lieutenant Governor of the Province), and no longer.


86.- There shall be a Session of the Legislature of Ontario and of that of Quebec once at least in every year, so that Twelve Months shall not intervene between the last Sitting of the Legislature in each Province in one Session and its first Sitting in the next Session.


87.- The following Provisions of this Act respecting the House of Commons of Canada shall extend and apply to the Legislative Assemblies of Ontario and Quebec, that is to say, - the Provisions relating to the Election of a Speaker originally and on Vacancies, the Duties of the Speaker, the Absence of the Speaker, the Quorum, and the Mode of voting, as if those Provisions were here re-enacted and made applicable in Terms to each such Legislative Assembly.

Short title
Declaration of Union
Construction of subsequent Provisions of Act
Four Provinces
Provinces of Ontario and Quebec
Provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
Decennial Census
Executive Power
Declaration of Executive Power in-the-Queen
Application of Provisions referring to Governor General
Constitution of Privy Council for Canada
All Powers under Acts to be exercised by Governor General
Application of Provisions referring to Governor General in Council
Power to Her Majesty to authorize Governor General to appoint Deputies
Command of Armed Forces to continue to be vestedin-the-Queen
Seat of Government of Canada
Legislative Power
Constitution of Parliament of Canada
Privileges of Houses
First Session of the Parliament of Canada
The Senate
Number of Senators
Representationof Provinces in Senate
Qualifications of Senator
Summons of Senator
Addition of Senators in certain cases
Reduction of Senate to normal Number
Maximum Number of Senators
Tenure of Place in Senate
Resignation of Place in-Senate
Disqualification of Senators
Summons on Vacancy in Senate
Questions as to Qualifications and Vacancies in Senate
Appointment of Speaker of Senate
Quorum of Senate
Voting in Senate
The House of Commons
Constitution of House of Commons in Canada
Summoning of House of Commons
Senators not to sit in House of Commons
Electoral districts of the four Provinces
Continuance of existing Election Laws until Parliament
Election of Speaker of House of Commons
Filling up Vacancy in Office of Speaker
Speaker to preside
Provision in case of Absence of Speaker
Quorum of House of Commons
Voting in House of Commons
Duration of House of Commons
Readjustment of representation in Commons
Constitution of House of Commons
Increase of Number of House of Commons
Money Votes Royal Assent
Appropriation and Tax Bills
Recommendation of Money Votes
Royal sAssent to Bills
Disallowance by Order in Council
Signification of Queens Pleasure on Bill reserved
Provincial Constitutions
Executive Power
Appointment of Lieutenant Governors of Provinces
Tenure of Office of Lieutenant Governor
Salaries of Lieutenant Governors
Oaths of Lieutenant Governor
Application of Provisions referring to Lieutenant Governor
Appointment of Executive Officers for Ontario and Quebec
Executive Government of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
Powers to be exercised by Lieutenant Governor
Application of Provisions referring to Lieutenant Governor in Council
Administration in Absence of Lieutenant Governor
Seats of Provincial Governments
Legislative Power
Legislature for Ontario
Electoral districts
Legislature for Quebec
Constitution of Legislative Council
Qualification of Legislative Councillors
Resignation Disqualification
Questions as to Vacancies
Speaker of Legislative Council
Quorum of Legislative Council
Voting in Legislative Council
Constitution of Legislative Assembly of Quebec
Ontario and Quebec
Summoning of Legislative Assemblies
Restriction on election of Holders of offices
Continuance of existing Election Laws
Duration of Legislative Assemblies
Yearly Session of Legislature
Speaker Quorum
Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
Constitutions of Legislatures of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
The Four Provinces
Application to Legislatures of Provisions respecting Money Votes
Distribution Of Legislative Powers
Legislative Authority of Parliament of Canada
Subjects of exclusive Provincial Legislation
Laws respecting non renewable natural resources
Legislation respecting Education
Legislation for Uniformity of Laws in Three Provinces
Concurrent Powers of Legislation respecting Agriculture
Appointment of Judges
Selection of Judges in Ontario
Selection of Judges in Quebec
Tenure of office of Judges
Salaries of Judges
General Court of Appeal
Revenues Debts Assets Taxation
Creation of Consolidated Revenue Fund
Expenses of Collection
Interest of Provincial Public Debts
Salary of Governor General
Appropriation from Time to Time
Transfer of Stocks
Transfer of Property in Schedule
Property in Lands Mines
Assets connected with Provincial Debts
Canada to be liable for Provincial Debts
Debts of Ontario and Quebec
Assets of Ontario and Quebec
Debt of Nova Scotia
Debt of New Brunswick
Payment of interest to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
Provincial Public Property
Further Grant to New Brunswick
Form of Payments
Canadian Manufactures
Continuance of Customs and Excise Laws
Exportation and Importation as between Two Provinces
Lumber Dues in New Brunswick
Exemption of Public Lands
Provincial Consolidated Revenue Fund
Miscellaneous Provisions
Oath of Allegiance
Continuance of existing Laws Courts Officers
Transfer of Officers to Canada
Appointment of new Officers
Treaty Obligations
Use of English and French Languages
Ontario and Quebec
Powers Duties of Executive Officers
Great Seals
Construction of temporary Acts
Errors in Names
Ussue of Proclamations before Union to commence after Union
Issue of Proclamations after Union
Arbitration respecting Debts
Division of Records
Constitution of Townships in Quebec
Intercolonial Railway
Admission Of Other Colonies
Power to admit New foundland into the Union
Representation of Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island in Senate
First Schedule
Second Schedule
Third Schedule
Fourth Schedule
Fifth Schedule
Sixth Schedule
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