Common Provisions

Common Provisions

Common Provisions

Common Provisions

- Constitution of Croatia
Common Provisions
- Constitution of the Republic of Croatia. Government and Croatian Laws.

Common Provisions


1. Common Provisions

  • Citizens of the Republic of Croatia shall enjoy all rights and freedoms regardless of race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth, education, social status or other characteristics.
    All shall be equal before the law.

  • Members of all nations and minorities shall have equal rights in the Republic of Croatia.
    Members of all nations and minorities shall be guaranteed freedom to express their national identity, freedom to use their language and script, and cultural autonomy.

  • Freedoms and rights may only be restricted by law to protect the freedoms and rights of other people and the public order, morality and health.

  • During a state of war or an immediate danger to the independence and unity of the Republic, or in the event of some natural disaster, individual freedoms and rights guaranteed by the Constitution may be restricted. This shall be decided by the Croatian Parliament by a two- thirds majority of all representatives or, if the Croatian Parliament is unable to convene, by the President of the Republic.
    The extent of such restrictions shall be adequate to the nature of the danger, and may not result in the inequality of citizens in respect of race, color, sex, language, religion, national or social origin.
    Not even in the case of immediate danger to the existence of the state may restrictions be imposed on the application of the provisions of this Constitution concerning the right to life, prohibition of torture, cruel or unusual treatment or punishment, and on the legal definitions of penal offenses and punishments, and on freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

  • The right to appeal against individual legal acts made in first-instance proceedings before courts or other authorized bodies shall be guaranteed.
    The right to appeal may exceptionally be denied in cases specified by law if other legal protection is ensured.

  • Individual acts of state administration and bodies vested with public powers shall be based on law.
    Judicial review of the legality of individual acts of administrative authorities and bodies vested with public powers shall be guaranteed.

  • Anyone violating the provisions of this Constitution concerning the basic freedoms and rights of man and the citizen shall be held personally responsible and may not exculpate himself from invoking a higher order.
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    Fundamental Freedoms And Rights Of Man And Citizen
    Common Provisions
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    Economic Social and Cultural Rights
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    Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia
    Community Level Local and Regional Self Government
    International Relations
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    Amending The Constitution

    Transitional And Concluding Provisions
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