Constitution of Cuba 1940 - Constituent Convention

The Constitution of Cuba 1940

until 1950. Before Fidel Castro. - Constituent Convention in the session of April 26th, 1940, and as a tribute to the memory of the illustrious patriots who in this town signed the Constitution of the Republic in arms on April 10th, 1879, we sign the present Constitution in Guáimaro, Camagüey, on July 1st, 1940.
Title I - Nation its Territory and Form of Government
Title II - Nationality
Title III - Alienage
Title IV - Fundamental Rights
Title V - Family and Culture
Title VI - Labor and Property
Title VII - Suffrage and Public Offices
Title VIII - Organs of the State
Title IX - Legislative Power
Title X - Executive Power
Title XI - Vice President of the Republic
Title XII - Council of Ministers
Title XIII - Relations between the Congress and the Government
Title XIV - Judicial Power
Title XV - Municipal System
Title XVI - Provincial System
Title XVII - National Finances
Title XVIII - State of Emergency
Title XIX - Amendment of the Constitution
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