Armed Forces

Armed Forces

Armed Forces

Armed Forces

- Constitution of Egypt

Section 2: The Armed Forces

Article 194: Duty of the armed forces

The armed forces belong to the people. Their duty is to protect the country, andpreserve its security and territories. The state is exclusively mandated to establisharmed forces. No individual, entity, organization or group is allowed to create military or para-military structures, groups or organizations.

The armed forces have a Supreme Council as regulated by law.

Article 195: Commander in Chief

The Minister of Defense is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, appointedfrom among its officers.

Article 196: Public mobilization

The law regulates public mobilization and defines the conditions of service,promotion and retirement in the armed forces.

The judicial committees for officers and personnel of the armed forces areexclusively competent for adjudicating in all administrative disputes pertaining todecisions affecting them.

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