Constitution of Egypt

Constitution of Egypt

Constitution of Egypt

Constitution of Egypt

- Laws and the constitution
Constitution of Egypt - The constitution and laws of Egypt

PART I: State and Society

Chapter I: Political Principles
Chapter II: Social and Ethical Principles
Chapter III: Economic Principles

PART II: Rights and Freedoms

Chapter I: Personal Rights
Chapter II: Moral and Political Rights
Chapter III: Economic and Social Rights
Chapter IV: Guarantees for the Protection of Rights and Freedoms

PART III: Public Authorities

Chapter I: Legislative Authority
Section 1: Common provisions
Section 2: Council of Representatives
Section 3: Shura Council
Chapter II: Executive Authority
Section 1: The President
Section 2: The Government
Chapter III: The Judicial Authority
Section 1: General Provisions
Section 2: The Judiciary and Public Prosecution
Section 3: The State Council
Section 4: The Supreme Constitutional Court
Section 5: Judicial Bodies
Section 6: The legal profession
Section 7: The experts
Chapter IV: Local Administration
Section 1: Local Administrative Division of the State
Section 2: Local Councils
Chapter V: National Security and Defense
Section 1: The National Security Council
Section 2: The Armed Forces
Section 3: The National Defense Council
Section 4: The Military Judiciary
Section 5: The Police

PART IV: Independent Bodies and Regulatory Agencies

Chapter I: Common provisions
Chapter II: Regulatory Agencies
Section 1: The National Anti Corruption-Commission
Section 2: Central Auditing Organization
Section 3: The Central Bank
Chapter III: Economic and Social Council
Chapter IV The National Electoral Commission
Chapter V: Independent bodies
Section 1: The Supreme Authority for Endowment Affairs
Section 2: Supreme Authority for Heritage Conservation
Section 3: National Council for Education
Section 4: Independent Press and Media Organizations

PART V: Final And Transitional Provisions

Chapter I: Amendments to the Constitution
Chapter II: General Provisions
Chapter III: Transitional Provisions
Constitution Egypt 2023
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