Local Administrative Division of the State

Local Administrative Division of the State

- Constitution of Egypt

Section 1: Local and administrative division of the state

Article 183: Local administrative units

The state is divided into local administrative units that have legal personality. Theyincorporate governorates, provinces, cities, districts and villages. One administrativeunit may comprise more than one village or district. Other administrative units thathave legal personality may be established. The foregoing will be organised by law in away that supports decentralisation, that empowers administrative units in providinglocal services and facilities, that reinvigorates them and improves theiradministration.

Article 184: Technical, administrative and financialassistance from the state

The state guarantees that it will satisfy the local unit’s needs in terms of technical,administrative and financial assistance, and ensures the equitable distribution offacilities, services and resources, and works to bring development levels and livingstandards in these units to a common standard. This will be organised by law.

Article 185: Local taxes and fees

Local units’ income includes additional taxes and fees of a local nature. The unitfollows the same rules and procedures in the collection of public funds as followed bythe state. The foregoing is regulated by law.

Article 186: Cooperation between local units

The law regulates cooperation between local units in matters of mutual benefit andmeans of cooperation between local units and the state apparatus.

Article 187: Selection of governors

The law regulates the manner in which governors and heads of other localadministrative units are selected, and defines their mandate.

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