Regulatory Agencies

Regulatory Agencies

Regulatory Agencies

Regulatory Agencies

- Constitution of Egypt

Chapter 2: Regulatory Agencies

Section 1: The National Anti-Corruption Commission

Article 204: Mandate

The National Anti-Corruption Commission combats corruption, deals with conflictsof interest, promotes and defines the standards of integrity and transparency,develops the national strategy concerned with such matters, ensures theimplementation of said strategy in coordination with other independent bodies, andsupervises the concerned agencies specified by law.

Section 2: Central Auditing Organization

Article 205: Mandate

The Central Auditing Organization has control over state funds and any other bodyspecified by law.

Section 3: The Central Bank

Article 206: Mandate

The Central Bank stipulates monetary, credit and banking policies, supervises theirimplementation, monitors the performance of the banking system, works toestablish price stability, and has exclusive rights to issue currency.

The foregoing is in accordance with the state’s overall economic policy.

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