Social and Ethical Principles

Social and Ethical Principles

Social and Ethical Principles

Social and Ethical Principles

- Constitution of Egypt

Chapter 2: Social and ethical principles

Article 8: Social justice, equality and freedom

The state guarantees the means to achieve justice, equality and freedom, and iscommitted to facilitating the channels of charity, social support and solidaritybetween members of society. The state ensures the protection of persons, dignityand property, and works toward achieving sufficiency for all citizens. The foregoingis within the limits of the law.

Article 9: Safety, security and equal opportunity for all

The state commits to ensuring safety, security and equal opportunity for all citizenswithout discrimination.

Article 10: Family as a basis of society

The family is the basis of society and is based on religion, morality and patriotism.

The state and society oversee the commitment to the genuine character of theEgyptian family, its cohesion and stability, and the consolidation and protection of itsmoral values. The foregoing is as organised by law.

The state guarantees maternal and child services free of charge, and guarantees thereconciliation between the duties of a woman toward her family and her work.

The state provides special care and protection to breadwinning and divorced womenas well as widows.

Article 11: Ethics, public morality and public order

The state safeguards ethics, public morality and public order, a high level ofeducation and of religious and patriotic values, scientific knowledge, Arab culture,and the historical and cultural heritage of the people. The foregoing is in accordancewith the law.

Article 12: Cultural and linguistic characteristics of society

The state protects the cultural and linguistic characteristics of society, and workstowards the Arabization of education, science and knowledge.

Article 13: Institution of civil titles

The institution of civil titles is prohibited.

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