Deviations from the Basic Law

Deviations from the Basic Law

- Constitution of Germany

Article 143[Duration of derogations from the Basic Law]

(1) The law in the territory specified in Article 3 of the Uni­fication Treaty may derogate from provisions of this Basic Law for a period extending no later than 31 December 1992 insofar and so long as disparate circumstances make full compliance impossible. Derogations may not violate paragraph (2) of Article 19 and must be compatible with the principles specified in paragraph (3) of Article 79.

(2) Derogations from Titles II, VIII, VIIIa, IX, X and XI shall be permissible for a period extending to no later than 31 December 1995.

(3) Independently of paragraphs (1) and (2) of this Article, Article 41 of the Unification Treaty and the rules for its im­plementation shall also remain in effect insofar as they pro­vide for the irreversibility of acts interfering with property rights in the territory specified in Article 3 of this Treaty.

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