Execution by the Lander on Federal Commi

Execution by the Lander on Federal Commission

Execution by the Lander on Federal Commission

Execution by the Lander on Federal Commission

- Constitution of Germany

Article 85[Execution by the Länder on federal commission]

(1) Where the Länder execute federal laws on federal com­mission, establishment of the authorities shall remain the concern of the Länder, except insofar as federal laws enacted with the consent of the Bundesrat otherwise provide. Federal laws may not entrust municipalities and associations of municipalities with any tasks.

(2) The Federal Government, with the consent of the Bundes­rat, may issue general administrative provisions. It may provide for the uniform training of civil servants and other salaried public employees. The heads of intermediate authorities shall be appointed with its approval.

(3) The Land authorities shall be subject to instructions from the competent highest federal authorities. Such instruc­tions shall be addressed to the highest Land authorities unless the Federal Government considers the matter urgent. Implementation of the instructions shall be ensured by the highest Land authorities.

(4) Federal oversight shall extend to the legality and appropri­ateness of execution. For this purpose the Federal Govern­ment may require the submission of reports and documents and send commissioners to all authorities.

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