Federal Highways

Federal Highways

- Constitution of Germany

Article 90[Federal roads and motorways]

(1) The Federation shall remain the owner of the federal motor­ways and other federal trunk roads. This ownership shall be inalienable.

(2) The administration of the federal motorways shall be a matter for the federal administrative authorities. The Federation may make use of a company under private law to discharge its responsibilities. This company shall be in the inalienable ownership of the Federation. Third parties shall have no direct or indirect holding in the company and its subsidiaries. Third parties shall have no holdings in the framework of public-private partnerships in road networks comprising the entire federal motorway network or the entire network of other federal trunk roads in a Land or significant parts of these networks. Details shall be regulated by a federal law.

(3) The Länder, or such self-governing corporate bodies as are competent under Land law, shall administer on federal commission the other federal trunk roads.

(4) At the request of a Land, the Federation may assume administrative responsibility for the other federal trunk roads insofar as they lie within the territory of that Land.

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