Federal Waterways

Federal Waterways

- Constitution of Germany

Article 89[Federal waterways – Administration of waterways]

(1) The Federation shall be the owner of the former Reich waterways.

(2) The Federation shall administer the federal waterways through its own authorities. It shall exercise those state functions relating to inland shipping which extend beyond the territory of a single Land, and those functions relating to maritime shipping, which are conferred on it by a law. Insofar as federal waterways lie within the territory of a single Land, the Federation on its application may delegate their administration to that Land on federal commission. If a waterway touches the territory of two or more Länder, the Federation may commission that Land which is desig­nated by the affected Länder.

(3) In the administration, development and new construction of waterways, the requirements of land improvement and of water management shall be assured in agreement with the Länder.

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