Interim budget management

Interim budget management

- Constitution of Germany

Article 111[Interim budget management]

(1) If, by the end of a fiscal year, the budget for the following year has not been adopted by a law, the Federal GovernĀ­ment, until such law comes into force, may make all expenditures that are necessary:

(a) to maintain institutions established by a law and to carry out measures authorised by a law;

(b) to meet the legal obligations of the Federation;

(c) to continue construction projects, procurements and the provision of other benefits or services or to continue to make grants for these purposes, to the extent that amounts have already been appropriated in the budget of a previous year.

(2) To the extent that revenues based upon specific laws and derived from taxes or duties or other sources or the working capital reserves do not cover the expenditures referred to in paragraph (1) of this Article, the Federal Government may borrow the funds necessary to sustain current operations up to a maximum of one quarter of the total amount of the previous budget.

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