Occupation costs burdens resulting from

Occupation costs burdens resulting from the war

Occupation costs burdens resulting from the war

Occupation costs burdens resulting from the war

- Constitution of Germany

Article 120[Occupation costs – Burdens resulting from the war]

(1) The Federation shall finance the expenditures for occupa­tion costs and other internal and external burdens resulting from the war, as regulated in detail by federal laws. To the extent that these war burdens were regulated by federal laws on or before 1 October 1969, the Federation and the Länder shall finance such expenditures in the proportion established by such federal laws. Insofar as expenditures for such of these war burdens as neither have been nor will be regulated by federal laws were met on or before 1 October 1965 by Länder, municipalities (associations of municipalities) or other entities performing functions of the Länder or municipalities, the Federation shall not be obliged to finance them even after that date. The Federa­tion shall be responsible for subsidies towards meeting the costs of social security, including unemployment insurance and public assistance to the unemployed. The distribution of war burdens between the Federation and the Länder prescribed by this paragraph shall not be construed to affect any law regarding claims for compensation for conse­quences of the war.

(2) Revenue shall pass to the Federation at the time it assumes responsibility for the expenditures referred to in this Article.

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