Transfer of existing administrative inst

Transfer of existing administrative institutions

Transfer of existing administrative institutions

Transfer of existing administrative institutions

- Constitution of Germany

Article 130[Transfer of existing administrative institutions]

(1) Administrative agencies and other institutions that serve the public administration or the administration of justice and are not based on Land law or on agreements between Länder, as well as the Administrative Union of South West German Railways and the Administrative Council for Postal and Telecommunications Services for the French Occupa­tion Zone, shall be placed under the control of the Federal Government. The Federal Government, with the consent of the Bundesrat, shall provide for their transfer, dissolution or liquidation.

(2) The supreme disciplinary authority for the personnel of these administrative bodies and institutions shall be the competent Federal Minister.

(3) Corporations and institutions under public law not directly subordinate to a Land nor based on agreements between Länder shall be under the supervision of the competent highest federal authority.

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