Constitution of Guyana

Constitution of Guyana

- Laws and the constitution
Constitution of Guyana - The constitution and laws of the Republic of Guyana

Part 1 - General Principles

Chapter I - The State And The Constitution
Chapter II - Priniples And Bases Of The Political, Economic And Social System
Chapter III - Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of the Individual
Chapter IV - Citizenship
Chapter V - Supreme Organs of Democratic Power
Chapter VI - Parliament
- Composition Of Parliament
- Elections
- Powers and Procedure of Parliament
Chapter VII - Local Democracy
- Local Democratic Organs
- The National Congress of Local Democratic Organs
Chapter VIII - The Supreme Congress of the People
Chapter IX - The President
Chapter X - The Executive
Chapter XI - The Judicature
- The Supreme Court of the Judicature
- Judges of the Supreme Court of Judicature
- Appeals
Chapter XII - The Service of Commissions

Part 2 - Specific Rules

Chapter I - Protection of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of the Individual
Chapter II - Parliament
Chapter III - The Supreme Congress Of The People
Chapter IV - The President
Chapter V - The Executive
Title 1 - Minister, Etc.
Title 2 - The Ombudsman
Chapter VI - The Judicature
Chapter VII - The Service Commissions
- The Judicial Service Commission
- The Police Service Commission
- Pensions
Chapter VIII - Finance
Chapter IX - Miscellaneous
Chapter X - Interpretation
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