Constitution of Haiti

Constitution of Haiti

Constitution of Haiti

Constitution of Haiti

- Laws and the constitution
Constitution of Haiti - The constitution and laws of Haiti

Title I - The Republic of Haiti Its emblem and its symbols

Chapter I - The Republic of Haiti
Chapter II - Territory

Title II - Haitian Nationality

Haitian Nationality

Title III - Basic Rights and Duties of the Citizen

Chapter I - The Nature of the Citizenship
Chapter II - Basic Rights
Section A - Right to life and Health
Section B - Individual Liberty
Section C - Freedom of Expression
Section D - Freedom of Conscience
Section E - Freedom of Aassenbly and Association
Section F - Education and Teaching
Section G - Freedom to Work
Section H - Property
Section I - Right to Information
Section J - Right to Security
Chapter III - Duties of the Citizen

Title IV - Aliens


Title V - National Sovereignty

Chapter I - Territorial Divisions And Decentralization
Section A - Communal Sections
Section B - Communes
Section C - Arrondissements
Section D - Departments
Section E - Delegates and Vice Presidents
Section F - Interdepartamental Council
Chapter II - The Legislative Branch
Section A - The House of Deputies
Section B - The Senate
Section C - The National Assembly
Section D - Exercise of Legislative Power
Section E - Incompatibilities
Chapter III - The Executive Branch
Section A - The President of the Republic
Section B - Duties of the President of the Republic
Section C - The Government
Section D - Powers of The Prime Minister
Section E - The Ministers and Secretaries of State
Chapter IV - The Judiciary
Chapter V - The High Court of Justice

Title VI - Independent Institutions

Chapter I - The Permanent Electoral Council
Chapter II - The Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes
Chapter III - The Conciliation Comission
Chapter IV - Protection of Citizens
Chapter V - The University - The Academy - Culture

Title VII - Public Finance

Public Finance

Title VIII - The Civil Service

The Civil Service

Title IX - Economics, agriculture and environment

Chapter I - Economics and Agriculture
Chapter II - The Environment

Title X - The Family

The Family

Title XI - The Armed Forces and the Police Force

Chapter I - The Armed Forces
Chapter II - The Police Forces

Title XII - General Provisions

General Provisions

Title XIII - Amendments to the Constitution

Amendments to the Constitution

Title XIV - Temporary Provisions

Temporary Provisions

Title XV - Final Provisions

Final Provisions
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