Communal Sections

Communal Sections

Communal Sections

Communal Sections

- Constitution of Haiti

Communal Sections

Section A
Communal Sections
Article 62:

The CommunalSection is the smallest administrative territorial entity of the Republic.

Article 63:

Each Communal Section is administered by a council of three (3) members elected by universal suffrage for four (4) years. They may be re-elected an indefinite number of times.

Their mode of organization and operation is regulated by law.

Article 63-1:

The Administrative Council of the Communal Section is assisted in its work by an Assembly of the Communal Section.

Article 64:

The state is obligated to establish for each Communal Section the structures required for social, economic, civic and cultural training of its population.

Article 65:

Members of the Administrative Council of the Communal Section must:

a. Be Haitians and be at least twenty-five (25) years of age;

b. Have resided in the Communal Section for two (2) years before the elections and continue to reside there:

c. Enjoy civil and political rights and never been sentenced to death, personal restraint or penal servitude or the loss of civil rights.

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