Duties of the Citizen

Duties of the Citizen

Duties of the Citizen

Duties of the Citizen

- Constitution of Haiti

Duties of the Citizen

Chapter III
Duties of the Citizen
Article 52:

Citizenship entails civic duties. Every right is counterbalanced by a corresponding duty.

Article 52-1:

Civic duties are the citizen's moral, political, social and economic obligations as a hole to the State and the country. These obligations are:

a. To respect the Constitution and the national emblem;

b. To respect the laws;

c. To vote in elections without constraint;

d. To pay his taxes;

e. To serve on a jury;

f. To defend the country in the event of war;

g. To educate and improve himself;

h. To respect and protect the environment;

i. To respect scrupulously the revenues and properties of the State;

j. To respect the property of others;

k. To work to maintain peace;

l. To provide assistance to persons in danger;

m. To respect the rights and freedom of others.

Article 52-2:

Failure to abide by these provisions shall be punishable by law.

Article 52-3:

Compulsory civic service for both sexes is established. The terms thereof shall be set by law.

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