- Constitution of Haiti

Title X - The Family

Article 259:

The State protects the family, which is the foundation of society.

Article 260:

It must also protect all families regardless of whether they are constituted within the bonds of marriage. It must endeavor to aid and assist mothers, children and the aged.

Article 261:

The law ensures protection for all children. Any child is entitled to love, affection, understanding and moral and physical care grow its father and mother.

Article 262:

A family Code must be drawn up to ensure protection and respect for the rights of the family and to define procedures of the search for affiliation. Courts and other Government agencies charged with the protection of these rights must be accessible free of charge at the level of the smallest territorial division.

Constitution of Haiti

Republic of Haiti
Haitian Nationality
Nature of the Citizenship
Basic Rights
Right to life and Health
Individual Liberty
Freedom of Expression
Freedom of Conscience
Freedom of assembly and Association
Education and Teaching
Freedom to Work
Right to Information
Right to Security
Duties of the Citizen
National Sovereignty
Territorial Divisions And Decentralization
Communal Sections
Delegates and Vice Presidents
Interdepartamental Council
Legislative Branch
House of Deputies
National Assembly
Exercise of Legislative Power
Executive Branch
President of the Republic
Duties of the President of the Republic
Powers of The Prime Minister
Ministers and Secretaries of State
High Court of Justice
Independent Institutions
Permanent Electoral Council
Superior Court of Auditors
Conciliation Comission
Protection of Citizens
University Academy Culture
Public Finance
Civil Service
Economics and Agriculture
Armed Forces and the Police Force
Armed Forces
Police Forces
General Provisions
Amendments to the Constitution
Temporary Provisions
Final Provisions
Constitution of Haiti
Constitution Haiti Family 2023
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