Final Provisions

Final Provisions

Final Provisions

Final Provisions

- Constitution of Haiti

Title XV - Final Provisions

Article 296:

All Codes of Law or Handbooks of Justice, all laws, all decree laws and all decrees and orders (Arrêtés) currently in force shall be maintained in all matters not contrary to this Constitution.

Article 297:

All laws, all decree laws, all decrees arbitrarily limiting the basic rights and liberties of citizens, in particular:

a. The decree law of September 5, 1935 on supertitious beliefs;

b. The law of August 2, 1977 establishing the Court of State Security (Tribunal de la Sureté de l'État).

c. The law of July 28, 1975 placing the lands of the Artibonite Valley in a special status;

d. The law of April 29, 1969 condemning all imported doctrines;

Are and shall remain repealed.

Article 298:

This Constitution shall be published within two weeks of its ratification by referendum. It shall enter into force as soon as it is published in the MONITEUR, the Official Gazette of the Republic.

Given at the Legislative Palace, in Port-au-Prince, the seat of the Constituent National Assembly, on March 10, 1987, in the One Hundred Eighty-Fourth Year of Independence.

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