Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression

- Constitution of Haiti

Freedom of Expression

Section C
Freedom of Expression
Article 28:

Every Haitian has the right to express his opinions freely on any matter by any means he chooses.

Article 28-1:

Journalists shall freely exercise their profession within the framework of the law. Such exercise may not be subject to any authorization or censorship, except in the case of war.

Article 28-2:

Journalists may not be compelled to reveal their sources. However, it is their duty to verify the authenticity and accuracy of information. It is also this obligation to respect the ethics of their profession.

Article 28-3:

All offenses involving the press and abuses of the right of expression come under the code of criminal law.

Article 29:

The right of petition is recognized. It is exercised personally by one or more citizens but never in the name of a body.

Article 29-1:

All petitions to the Legislative Branch must give rise to the regulatory procedure for ruling upon their purpose.

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