Freedom to Work

Freedom to Work

- Constitution of Haiti

Freedom to Work

Section G
Freedom to Work
Article 35:

Freedom to work is guaranteed. every citizen has the obligation to engage in work of his choice to meet his own and his family's needs, and to cooperate with the State in the establishment of a social security system.

Article 35-1:

Every employee of a private or public institution is entitled to a fair wage, to rest, to a paid annual vacation and to a bonus.

Article 35-2:

The State guarantees workers equal working conditions and wages regardless of their sec, beliefs, opinions and marital status.

Article 35-3:

Trade union freedom is guaranteed. any worker in the public or private sector may join a union representing his particular occupation solely to protect his work interests.

Article 35-4:

Unions are essentially nonpolitical, nonprofit, and nondenominational. No one may be forced to join a union.

Article 35-5:

The right to strike is recognized under the limits set by law.

Article 35-6:

The minimum age for gainful employment is set by law. Special laws govern the work of minors and servants.

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