Haitian Nationality

Haitian Nationality

Haitian Nationality

Haitian Nationality

- Constitution of Haiti

Haitian Nationality

Title II
Haitian Nationality
Article 10:

The regulations governing Haitian nationality shall be determined by law.

Article 11:

Any person born of a Haitian father or Haitian mother who are themselves native-born Haitians and have never renounced their nationality possesses Haitian nationality at the time of birth.

Article 12:

Haitian nationality may be adquired by naturalization.

Article 12-1:

After five years of continuous residence in the territory of the Republic, any foreigner may obtain Haitian nationality by naturalization, in conformity with the regulations established by law.

Article 12-2:

Haitians by naturalization shall be allowed to exercise the right to vote but they must wait five(5) years after the date of their naturalization to be eligible to hold public posts other than those reserved by the Constitution and by law for native-born Haitians.

Article 13:

Haitian nationality is lost by:

a. Naturalization in a foreign country;

b. Holding a political post in the service of a foreign country;

c. Continuous residence abroad of a naturalized Haitian without duly granted authorization by a competent official. Anyone who loses his nationality in this manner may not reacquire it.

Article 14:

A naturalized Haitian may recover his Haitian nationality by meeting all of the conditions and formalities imposed on aliens by the law.

Article 15:

Dual Haitian and foreign nationality is in no case permitted.

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