Interdepartamental Council

Interdepartamental Council

Interdepartamental Council

Interdepartamental Council

- Constitution of Haiti

Interdepartamental Council

Section F
Interdepartamental Council
Article 87:

The Executive is assisted by an Interdepartmental Council, the members of which are designated by the Departmental Assemblies on the basis of one (1) per Department.

Article 87-1:

This Representative chosen form among the members of the Departmental Assemblies serves as liaison between the Department and the Executive Branch.

Article 87-2:

The interdepartmental Council, in concert with the executive, studies and plans projects for decentralization and development of the country from the social, economic, commercial, agricultural and industrial standpoint.

Article 87-3:

It attends working meetings of the Council of Ministers, when they discuss subjects mentioned in the preceding paragraph and has the right to vote.

Article 87-4:

Decentralization must be accompanied by deconcentration of public services with delegation of power and industrial decompartmentalization for the benefit of the departments.

Article 87-5:

The law determines the organization and operation of the Interdepartmental Council, and the frequency of the meetings of the Council of Ministers, in which it participates.

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