Ministers and Secretaries of State

Ministers and Secretaries of State

- Constitution of Haiti

Ministers and Secretaries of State

Section E
The Ministers and Secretaries of State
Article 166:

The President of the Republic presides over the Council of Ministers. The number of Ministers may be no fewer than ten (10).

When he deems it necessary, the Prime Minister may appoints Secretaries of State to the Ministers.

Article 167:

The number of Ministers is set by law.

Article 168:

Holding a ministerial post is incompatible with the exercise of all other public employment, except for higher education.

Article 169:

Ministers are responsible for the acts of the Prime Minister that they countersign. They are jointly responsible for enforcement of the laws.

Article 169-1:

In no case may an oral or written order of the President of the Republic or of the Prime Minister release Ministers from the responsibilities of their office.

Article 170:

The Prime Minister, the Ministers and the Secretaries of State receive monthly salaries established by the Budgetary law.

Article 171:

Ministers appoint certain categories of Government employees by delegation of the Prime Minister, according to the conditions set by the law on Government operations.

Article 172:

When one of the two (2) Houses during an interpellation calls into question the responsibility of a Minister by a vote of censure passed by an absolute majority of its members, the Executive shall recall the Minister.

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