National Sovereignty

National Sovereignty

National Sovereignty

National Sovereignty

- Constitution of Haiti

National Sovereignty

Title V - National Sovereignty
Article 58:

National sovereignty is vested in all citizens.

Citizens directly exercise the prerogatives of sovereignty by:

a. Electing the President of the Republic;

b. Electing members of the Legislature;

c. Electing members of all other bodies or all assemblies provided for by the Constitution and by law.

Article 59:

Citizens delegate the exercise of national sovereignty to three (3) branches of government:

1. The Legislative Branch;

2. The Executive Branch;

3. The Judicial Branch.

The principle of separation of the Three (3) branches is embodied in the Constitution.

Article 59-1:

The Three (3) branches constitute the essential foundation of the organization of the State, which is civil.

Article 60:

Each branch is independent of the other two (2) in the powers it exercises separately.

Article 60-1:

None of them may, for any reason, delegate their powers in all or in part, nor go beyond the bounds set for them by the Constitution and by law.

Article 60-2:

Each of the Three (3) branches is entirely responsible for its own acts.

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