Capital and National Symbols

Capital and National Symbols

- Constitution of Hungary

Chapter XIV - The Capital City and Emblems of The Republic of Hungary

Article 74
The Capital of the Republic of Hungary is Budapest.
Article 75
The National Anthem of the Republic of Hungary is the poem by Ferenc Kolcsey entitled Hymn as set to music by Ferenc Erkel.
Article 76
(1) The National Flag of the Republic of Hungary is a tricolour of red, white and green stripes of equal width running horizontally.
(2) The Coat of Arms of the Republic of Hungary is a vertically impaled shield coming to a point in the middle of the rounded base. Four red and four silver horizontal stripes alternate on the dexter. A triple green crest rises from the sinister base, its middle mound bearing a gold coronet transfixed by a silver patriarchal cross against the red field. Atop the shield rests the Holy Crown of St. Stephen.
(3) For the adoption of laws on the Coat of Arms, the Flag of the Republic of Hungary and the usage of those the votes of two thirds of MPs are necessary.

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