Constitutional Court

Constitutional Court

- Constitution of Hungary

Chapter IV - The Constitutional Court

Article 32/A
(1) The Constitutional Court oversees the constitutionality of legal provisions and performs other functions the law refers to its competence.
(2) Any law or legal measure found unconstitutional is annulled by the Constitutional Court.
(3) In the cases defined by the law, anyone may initiate proceedings at the Constitutional Court.
(4) The fifteen members of the Constitutional Court are elected by Parliament. A nominating committee comprising of one member from each of the parties represented in Parliament, proposes the candidates for Constitutional Court membership. Two thirds of the affirmative votes of the Members of Parliament are necessary for election to the Constitutional Court.
(5) Outside of the responsibilities deriving from the authority of the Constitutional Court, the members of the Court must not be affiliated to any party and must not carry on political activity.
(6) For the ratification of the law on the organization and operation of the Constitutional Court, two-thirds of the votes of the MPs present are necessary.

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