Final Provisions

Final Provisions

- Constitution of Hungary

Chapter XV - Final Provisions

Article 77
(1) The basic law of the Republic of Hungary is the Constitution.
(2) The Constitution and the constitutional provisions are equally binding on all organizations of society, all state organs and on citizens.
(3) repealed
Article 78
(1) The Constitution of the Republic of Hungary comes into force on the day of its proclamation. The Government is to see to its implementation.
(2) The Governments bears the obligation of submitting to Parliament the Bills necessary for the enactment of the Constitution.

Constitution of Hungary

General Provisions
President of the Republic
Constitutional Court
Parliamentary Ombudsman for Civil Rights
State Audit Office and the National Bank
Armed Forces law enforcement agencies
Financial Supervisory Authority
National Media and Infocommunications Authority
Local Governments
Office of the Public Prosecutor
Fundamental Rights and Duties
Basic Principles of Elections
Capital and National Symbols
Final Provisions
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