Constitution of India

Constitution of India

- Laws and the constitution
Constitution of India - The constitution and laws of India


Part I -Art.( 1-4 )

The Union and its Territory

Part II -Art.( 5-11 )


Part III -Art.( 12-35 )

Fundamental Rights
- General
- Right to Equality
- Right to Freedom
- Right against Exploitation
- Right to Freedom of Religion
- Cultural and Educational Rights
- Saving of Certain Laws
- Right to Constitutional Remedies

Part IV -Art.( 36-51 )

Directive Principles Of State Policy

Part IVA -Art.( 51A )

Fundamental Duties

Part V -Art.( 52-151 )

The Union
Chapter I — The Executive
- The President and Vice-President
- Council of Ministers
- The Attorney-General for India
- Conduct of Government Business
Chapter II — Parliament
- General
- Officers of Parliament
- Conduct of Business
- Disqualifications of Members
- Parliament and its Members
- Legislative Procedure
- Procedure in Financial Matters
- Procedure Generally
Chapter III —Legislative Powers of the President
Chapter IV —The Union Judiciar
Chapter V — Comptroller and Auditor-general of India

Part VI -Art.( 152-237 )

Chapter I — General
Chapter II — The Executive
- The Governor
- Council of Ministers
- The Advocate-General for the State
- Conduct of Government Business
Chapter III — The State Legislature
- General
- Officers of the State Legislature
- Conduct of Business
- Disqualifications of Members
- Powers, Privileges and Immunities of State Legislatures and their Members
- Legislative Procedure
- Procedure in Financial Matters
- Procedure Generally
Chapter IV — Legislative Power of The Governor
Chapter V — The High Courts in the States
Chapter VI — Subordinate Courts

Part VII -Art.( 238 )

The States in Part B of the First Schedule

Part VIII -Art.( 239-243 )

The Union Territories

Part IX -Art.( 243-243zg )


Part IXA -Art.( 243-243zg )


Part X -Art.( 244-244A )

The Scheduled and Tribal Areas

Part XI -Art.( 245-263 )

Relations Between The Union and the States
Chapter I — Legislative Relations
Chapter II — Administrative Relations
- General
- Disputes relating to Waters
- Co-ordination between States

Part XII -Art.( 264-300A )

Finance, Property, Contracts and Suits
Chapter I — Finance
- General
- Distribution of Revenues between the Union and the States
- Miscellaneous Financial Provisions
Chapter II — Borrowing
Chapter III —Property, Contracts, Rights ,Liabilities, Obligations and Suits
Chapter IV — Right to Property

Part XIII -Art.( 301-307 )

Trade, Commerce and Intercourse Within the Territory of India

Part XIV -Art.( 308-323 )

Services Under the Union and the States
Chapter I — Services
Chapter II — Public Service Commissions

Part XIVA -Art.( 323A-323B )


Part XV -Art.( 324-329A )


Part XVI -Art.( 330-342 )

Special Provisions Relating to Certain Classes

Part XVII -Art.( 343-351 )

Official Language
Chapter I — Language of the Union
Chapter II — Regional Languages
Chapter III — Language of the Supreme Court, High Courts,Etc.
Chapter IV — Special Directives

Part XVIII -Art.( 352-360 )

Emergency Provisions

Part XIX -Art.( 361-367 )


Part XX -Art.( 368 )

Amendment of the Constitution

Part XXI -Art.( 369-392 )

Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions

Part XXII -Art.( 393-395 )

Short Title,Commencement,Authoritative Text In Hindi And Repeals


First Schedule
Second Schedule
Part A
Part B
Part C
Part D
Part E
Third Schedule
Fourth Schedule
Fifth Schedule
Part A
Part B
Part C
Part D
Sixth Schedule
Seventh Schedule
Eighth Schedule
Ninth Schedule
Tenth Schedule
Eleventh Schedule
Twelfth Schedule


Appendix I
Appendix II
Constitution India 2022

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