Constitution of Romania

Constitution of Romania

Constitution of Romania

Constitution of Romania

- Laws and the constitution
Constitution of Romania - The constitution and laws of Romania

Title I

General principles

Title II

Fundamental rights, freedoms and duties
Chapter I - Common provisions
Chapter II - Fundamental rights and freedoms
Chapter III - Fundamental duties
Chapter IV - Advocate of the People

Title III

Public authorities
Chapter I - Parliament
Section 1 - Organization and functioning
Section 2 - Statute of Deputies and Senators
Section 3 - Legislation
Chapter II - The President of Romania
Chapter III - The Government
Chapter IV - Relations between Parliament and the Government
Chapter V - Public administration
Section 1 - Specialized central public administration
Section 2 - Local public administration
Chapter VI - Judicial authority
Section 1 - Courts of law
Section 2 - The Public Ministry
Section 3 - Superior Council of Magistracy

Title IV

Economy and public finance

Title V

Constitutional Court

Title VI

Euro-Atlantic integration

Title VII

Revision of the Constitution

Title VIII

Final and transitory provisions
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