Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago

Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago

Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago

Constitution of Trinidad

- Laws and the constitution of Trinidad
Constitution of Trinidad - The constitution and laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
1. The State
2. The Supreme Law
3. Interpretation

Chapter 1

The Recognition and Protection Offundamental Human Rights and Freedoms
Part I - Rights Enshrined
Part II - Exceptions for Existing Law
Part III - Exceptions for Emergencies
Part IV - Exceptions for Certain Legislation
Part V - General Fundamental Human Rights

Chapter 2


Chapter 3

The President

Chapter 4

Part I - Composition of Parliament
- Establishment
- The Senate
- The House of Representatives
- General Parliament
Part II - Powers, Privileges and Procedureof Parliament
Part III - Summoning, Prorogation and Dissolution
Part IV - Elections and Boundaries Commission
Part V - System of Balloting

Chapter 5

Executive Powers

Chapter 6

The Director of Public Prosecutionsand The Ombudsman
Part I - Director of Public Prosecutions
Part II - Ombudsman

Chapter 7

The Judicature
Part I - The Supreme Court
- The Court Ofappeal
- Appointment of Judges
Part II - Appeals to the Judicial Committee
Part III - Judicialand Legal Service Commission

Chapter 8


Chapter 9

Appointments to, and Tenure of, Offices
Part I - Service Commissions, Etc.
- Public Service Commission
- Police Service Commission
- Teaching Service Commission
- General Provisions on Service Commissions
Part II - Public Service Appeal Board
- Pensions
- Special Offices

Chapter 10

The Integrity Commission

Chapter 11

The Salaries Review Commission

Chapter 12

Miscellaneous and General


First Schedule
Second Schedule
Third Schedule
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