Constitution of Hong Kong

Constitution of Hong Kong

- Laws and the constitution
Constitution of Hong Kong - The constitution and laws of Hong Kong

Chapter I - General Principles

General Principles

Chapter II - Authorities and Administrative Region

Authorities and Administrative Region

Chapter III - Fundamental Rights and Duties

Fundamental Rights and Duties

Chapter IV - Political Structure

Political Structure
Section 1 - The Chief Executive
Section 2 - The Executive Authorities
Section 3 - The Legislature
Section 4 - The Judiciary
Section 5 - District Organizations
Section 6 - Public Servants

Chapter V - Economy

Section 1 - Public Finance Industry and Commerce
Section 2 - Land Leases
Section 3 - Shipping
Section 4 - Civil Aviation

Chapter VI - Education Science Culture and Social Services

Education Science Culture and Social Services

Chapter VII - External Affairs

External Affairs

Chapter VIII - Interpretation and Amendment of the Basic Law

Interpretation and Amendment of the Basic Law

Chapter IX - Supplementary Provisions

Supplementary Provisions
Annex I - Selection of the Chief
Annex II - Formation of the Legislative Council
Annex III - Laws to be Applied in the Hong Kong
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