Constitution of Turkey

Constitution of Turkey

Constitution of Turkey

Constitution of Turkey

- Laws and the constitution
Constitution of Turkey - The constitution and laws of the Republic of Turkey

Part One

General Principles (Articles 1-11)

Part Two

Fundamental Rights and Duties (Articles 12-74)
Chapter One: General Provisions
Chapter Two: Rights and Duties of the Individual
Chapter Three: Social and Economic Rights and Duties
Chapter Four: Political Rights and Duties

Part Three

Fundamental Organs of the Republic (Articles 75-160)
Chapter One: Legislative Power
Chapter Two: The Executive Power
Chapter Three: Judicial Power

Part Four

Financial and Economic Provisions (Articles 161-173)
Chapter One: Financial Provisions
Chapter Two: Economic Provisions

Part Five

Miscellaneous Provisions (Article 174)

Part Six

Provisional Articles

Part Seven

Final Provisions (Articles 175-177)
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