Cooperation for Persons Seeking Employme

Cooperation for Persons Seeking Employment

Cooperation for Persons Seeking Employment

Cooperation for Persons Seeking Employment

- Constitution of Germany

Article 91e[Cooperation in respect of basic support for persons seeking employment]

(1) In the execution of federal laws in the field of basic support for persons seeking employment, the Federation and the Länder or the municipalities and associations of munici­palities responsible pursuant to Land law shall cooperate as a rule in joint institutions.

(2) The Federation may authorise a limited number of munici­palities and associations of municipalities, at their request and with the consent of the highest Land authority, to discharge the tasks pursuant to paragraph (1) alone. In this case, the Federation shall bear the necessary expenditures including the administrative expenses for the tasks which are to be discharged by the Federation in the execution of laws pursuant to paragraph (1). (3) Details shall be regulated by a federal law requiring the consent of the Bundesrat.

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