Office of the Public Prosecutor

Office of the Public Prosecutor

- Constitution of Hungary

Chapter XI - The Prosecutor's Office

Article 51
(1) The Chief Prosecutor and the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Hungary provide for the protection of the rights of the citizens and are responsible for the consistent prosecution of every act violating or endangering constitutional order or endangering the security and sovereignty of the country.
(2) The prosecutorial organization carries on investigations in cases determined by the law, exercises supervision over the legality of criminal investigations, acts for the prosecution in proceedings before courts, and exercises supervision over the observance of legality in the administration of punishments.
(3) The Prosecutor's Office helps to ensure that all social organizations, all state organs and citizens comply with the law. In the event of transgression of the law, it takes action for the protection of legality in the cases determined by the law.
Article 52
(1) The Chief Prosecutor of the Republic of Hungary is elected by Parliament on the proposal of the President of the Republic. The deputies of the Chief Prosecutor are appointed on the proposal of the Chief Prosecutor by the President of the Republic.
(2) The Chief Prosecutor is accountable to Parliament, and is obliged to report on his work.
Article 53
(1) Prosecutors are appointed by the Chief Prosecutor of the Republic of Hungary.
(2) Prosecutors must not be affiliated to any party and may not carry on political activities.
(3) The prosecutorial organization is headed and directed by the Chief Prosecutor.
(4) The rules on the prosecutorial organization are laid down in the law.

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