Shura Council

Shura Council

Shura Council

Shura Council

- Constitution of Egypt

Section 3: Shura Council

Article 128: Composition

The Shura Council has at least 150 members, elected by direct secret ballot. ThePresident of the Republic may appoint a number of members not exceedingone-tenth of the number of elected members.

Article 129: Conditions for candidacy

A candidate for the Shura Council must be an Egyptian citizen enjoying civil andpolitical rights, a holder of a certificate of higher education, and, at the time ofcandidacy, at least 35 years old.

Other requirements of candidacy, the provisions for election, the division ofconstituencies, are defined by law.

Article 130: Term

The term of membership of the Shura Council is six years, whereas renewed electionand appointment of 50 percent of the total number of members, whether elected orappointed, is every three years, as defined by law.

Article 131: Effect of dissolution of Council of Representatives

In the case of the dissolution of Council of Representatives, the Shura Council carriesout its joint legislative responsibilities. Any bills passed by the Shura Council duringthe period of Council of Representatives' dissolution are presented to the newCouncil of Representatives for consideration as soon as it is convened.

In the absence of both chambers, and where there is a requirement for urgentmeasures that cannot be delayed, the President of the Republic may issue decreesthat have the force of law, which are then presented to the Council ofRepresentatives and the Shura Council, as the case may be, within 15 days from thestart of their sessions.

If such decrees are not presented to the chambers, or if they are presented but notapproved, their legality is revoked retroactively, unless the Council affirms theirvalidity for the previous period, or chooses to settle the consequent effects in someother manner.

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