Supreme Constitutional Court

Supreme Constitutional Court

- Constitution of Egypt

Section 4: The Supreme Constitutional Court

Article 175: Mandate and procedures

The Supreme Constitutional Court is an independent judicial body. It is based inCairo. It is exclusively competent to decide on the constitutionality of laws andregulations.

The law defines the Court’s other competencies and regulates the procedures thatare to be followed before the Court.

Article 176: Composition
The Supreme Constitutional Court is made up of a president and ten members. Thelaw determines the judicial or other bodies and associations that nominate them, themanner in which they are to be appointed, and the requirements to be satisfied bythem. Appointments take place by a decree from the President of the Republic.

Article 177: Constitutionality of electoral laws
The President of the Republic or the Speaker of the Council of Representativespresent draft laws governing presidential, legislative or local elections before theSupreme Constitutional Court, to determine their compliance with the Constitutionprior to dissemination. The Court reaches a decision in this regard within 45 daysfrom the date the matter is presented before it; otherwise, the proposed law isconsidered approved.

If the Court deems one or more parts of the text non-compliant with the provisionsof the Constitution, its decision is implemented.

The laws referred to in the first paragraph are not subject to the subsequent controlstipulated in Article 175 of the Constitution.

Article 178: Publication of decisions in the Official Gazette

The Official Gazette publishes verdicts issued by the Supreme Constitutional Courtand decisions pertaining to pre-emptive control of draft laws governing presidential,legislative or local elections.

The effects of a decision on the unconstitutionality of a legislative text are organisedby law.

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