National Assembly

National Assembly

National Assembly

National Assembly

- Constitution of Haiti

National Assembly

Section C
The National Assembly
Article 98:

The meeting in a single Assembly of the two (2) branches of the Legislature constitutes the National Assembly.

Article 98-1:

The National Assembly meets to open and close each session and in all cases provided for by the Constitution.

Article 98-2:

The powers of the National Assembly are limited and may not be extended to matters other than those especially assigned to it by the Constitution.

Article 98-3:

The Assembly's powers are:

1. To receive the constitutional oath of the President of the Republic;

2. To ratify any decision to declare war when all efforts at conciliation have failed;

3. To approve or reject international treaties and conventions;

4. To amend the Constitution according to the procedure indicated herein;

5. To ratify decisions of the Executive to move the seat of the Government in cases determined by the first article of this Constitution;

6. To decide on when a state of siege shall be declared, to order with the Executive that Constitutional guarantees shall be suspended, and to decide on any request to renew that measure;

7. To contribute to selecting members of the Permanent Electoral Council, pursuant to article 92 of this Constitution;

8. To receive at the opening of each session the report on the Government's activities.

Article 99:

The National Assembly is presided over by the President of the Senate, assisted by the President of the House of Deputies acting as Vice President. the Secretaries of the Senate and the House of Deputies are the Secretaries of the National Assembly.

Article 99-1:

In the event the President of the Senate is unable to discharge his duties, the National Assembly shall be presided over by the President of the House of Deputies, and the Vice President of the Senate shall then become Vice President of the National Assembly.

Article 99-2:

In the event the two (2) Presidents are unable to discharge their duties, the two (2) Vice-Presidents shall replace them, respectively.

Article 100:

Sessions of the National Assembly are public. However, they may be held in closed session at the request of five (5) members, and the resumption of public sessions shall then be decided by an absolute majority.

Article 101:

In emergencies, when the Legislature is not in session, the Executive Branch may call a special session of the National Assembly.

Article 102:

The National Assembly may not meet or take decisions and pass resolutions without a majority of each of the two (2) Houses being present.

Article 103:

The Legislature has its seat in Port-au-Prince. However, depending on the circumstances, this seat may be transferred elsewhere to the same place and at the same time as that of the Executive Branch.

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