Nature of the Citizenship

Nature of the Citizenship

Nature of the Citizenship

Nature of the Citizenship

- Constitution of Haiti

Nature of the Citizenship

Title III
Basic Rights and Duties of the Citizen
Chapter I - The Nature of the Citizenship
Article 16:

Citizenship entails both civil and political rights.

Article 16-1:

The enjoyment, exercise, suspension and loss of these rights are regulated by law.

Article 16-2:

The age of majority is eighteen (18) years.

Article 17:

Al Haitians, regardless of sex or marital status, who have attained twenty-one years of age may exercise their political and civil rights if the meet the other conditions prescribed by the Constitution and by law.

Article 18:

Haitians shall be equal before the law, subject to the special advantages conferred on native-born Haitians who have never renounced their nationality.

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Nature of the Citizenship
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