Police Forces

Police Forces

- Constitution of Haiti

Chapter II - The Police Forces

Article 269:

The Police Force is an armed body.

It operates under the Ministry of Justice.

Article 269-1:

It is established to ensure law and order and protect the life and property of citizens.

Its organization and mode of operation are regulated by law.

Article 270:

The Commander in Chief of the Police Forces is appointed, in accordance with the Constitution, for a three (3) year term, which is renewable.

Article 271:

An Academy and a Police School have been established, whose organization and operations are set by law.

Article 272:

Specialized sections, particularly the Penitentiary Administration, the Firemen's Service, the Traffic Police, the Highway Police, Criminal Investigations, the Narcotics Service and the Anti-Smuggling Service, have been established by the law governing the organization, operation and location of the Police Forces.

Article 273:

The police, as an auxiliary of the Justice System, investigate violations, offenses and crimes committed, in order to discover and arrest the perpetrators of them.

Article 274:

In the exercise of their duties, members of the "Public Forces" are subject to civil and penal liability in the manner and under the conditions stipulated by the Constitution and by law.

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